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I think it is important to describe my Wedding Photography shooting style imparticularly, because there is not much time on the day for asking questions. This was you can be totally relaxed, having been previously reassured on what the devil I'm up to and you can share a little slice of my final vision.

Predominantly I shoot with a documentative, story-telling approach because my ultimate goal is for each photo to portray as much feeling and emotion as possible. Natural laughter, those soft wrinkles around the eyes or a genuine look of affection, are not generally achieved after the words "say cheese!"

I am a visual storyteller who seeks out the feelings and emotions that can be lost from static photography styles. My job is to provide my clients with stunning imagery which will take you right back to that special day, both visually and emotionally. The photographs that my clients never forget and love endlessly are those that they didn't expect to have; that look in your eye when he squeezed your hand, that cheeky wink of confidence from your best friend and the tears and the emotions from everyone. My passion is to document your love story and create timeless images, whilst remaining discreet enough for you to enjoy your special day. 

Ultimately, my approach to photographing weddings is intimate but not intrusive.