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There is so much to think about when planning a wedding, here are some of my most Frequently Asked Questions answered here for your convenience

I can't find any prices on your website. How much do you charge?

Because I travel to different countries to shoot weddings it is hard for me to give you a set price, there are so many variables to consider and if I happen to be in your area around that date I can do it for a lot cheaper, so it's always better to ask first so I can give you a fair price. But generally the sooner you can confirm, the cheaper it will be for travel etc. So when you inititally contact me I will give you a price based on your requirments, the date and the travel expenses to the location. 

How long will you shoot for?

I always prefer to spend the whole day shooting as this enables me to gather as much content and feeling for the wedding as possible to build your beautiful story from, but quite often couples only require coverage for a few hours, the duration is totally up to you.

How many photos will I receive?

This depends roughly on the number of hours that you require me to shoot for but I get so into the photography that I am constantly snapping away and documenting so it is not uncommon for couples to receive anywhere between 500-800 fully edited photos. I whittle this down from around 3,000 images actually taken on the day!

When will I receive my images?

I am normally just as excited to share them, as you are to see them and I always endeavour to share a few sneaky images with the newlyweds within a few days of the wedding. I love to be able to give my couples an extra little gift before they catch that plane for their honeymoon or whilst they are sipping their first cocktail together at sunset somewhere far away. The rest of the images will follow two weeks later. 

How will I receive my images?

We have built a special 'Client Acess Area' just for you! This is a special section for the bride and groom to view and download their images from directly. I can also send images on a USB stick if preferred and of course there are those beautiful Wedding Photography Albums to think about! You really should consider one of those, they are stunning.