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Hi my name is Rachel and I am a zealous traveller, an animal fanatic and a wannabe gardening goddess. I currently spend most of my time between my two favourite B's Bournemouth, UK and Barcelona, Spain. Both packed with dreamy backdrops although I relish any opportunity to work or travel abroad, there is still so much to explore out there.

I started my photography career 8 years ago as a surf photographer. I travelled extensively throughout Central America, Mexico, Hawaii and Indonesia shooting surf for different surf resorts and charter boats. During these years in which I was travelling alone to remote and curious places, I fell head over heals with travel photography and photographing people, realising how expressions and emotions can be beautifully etched and preserved through a lens. This was without knowing, how I started to storytell through imagery, by using my camera as a medium to express my journey and experiences. And now I storytell for other people and I love it just as much!

Each photography genre which I have explored has taught me something totally different, yet seriously relevant and has given me an adaptable, yet creative eye. Surf photography has been significant in my photographic journey, it taught me to be alert at ALL times and not to miss a single frame, how to position myself and to pre-mediate what was going to happen next. This then transitioned into a natural documentative wedding style, where moments and action were the forefront of my agenda and developing these to stroytell through a lens.

Every single story is different and that is the beautiful challenge that drives me forward; how to narate through imagery in such a way that you will adore!